The Writer

Hello, this is my first second or third— oh fifth blog! I just forgot my last blog password. But I never forget my tumblr password. haha

My name is Ratih Dwi Nurlisa. As all my friends know, they call me “ethel”. I know first question in your brain after knew that, “Why they can call you like that?” and as the past, I will answer: “I don’t know, it’s been long time since I was in the kindergarten they start to call me like that.” hahaha

Actually I’m the quiet person-just for the fist meet-I can change into a crowded person after you being close to me.

As all my friend know, I love Paramore. You know, the band who started with 5 persons and there just 3 persons now. I feel dissapointed when the Farros Brother go out from that band! However, I still LIKE that band. Besides Paramore, I like Avril Lavigne and Taylor Swift’s song! They song sometimes feels like they telling my life. hahaha. I’m a fan of Alesana too! AAAA Shawn Milke! Shane Crump you’re hot! Oh, I’m a #TeamGrimmie!! hahaha

Besides all I want to have an recognition with you all the readers. Start from this year-2012-I start to like Korean Drama, 2NE1, and EXO especially that Panda from China, Huang ZI Tao. I love his eyes, awesome.

I like MBLAQ. They’re crazy! Especially Lee Joon. He’s sooooooooo crazy! hahaha

I love FT Island. Lee Jaejin was so adorable.

CNBLUE. The maknae… nom nom nom^^

VIXX. N you’re awesome! funtastic!

Ya! I love Bangtan too! Park Jimin! :3

This blog contents of my dream. I dream every night I get to sleep.

I love butterfly. Just that word. Not the real butterfly. It’s horrible. Give me the butterfly, and I will run out from you! Strange? ya, I know.

I love editing photo. Because I can make everything with that. 🙂

I love playing badminton, swimming, and cycling actually with my friends. I love reading. I love cooking too 🙂

Thank’s for reading this and visiting my blog^^

Love, Ethel.



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